Follow These Outstanding Tips for a Pain-Free Experience of Wearing A Heavy And Long Wig!

Wigs are a great way to conceal baldness, crampy & rough hair which otherwise put the question to the personality of a person. Global wigs market 2019 has given a valuable reason to people to easily revamp the entire look and hike up the confidence level. Colored wigs have turned out as a fashion accessory and even a necessity for most of the people who use it every now & then. 

But regular usage of wigs can heat the head and can even make you a sufferer of consistent headache. Yes, it is quite hard to believe this statement, but unfortunately, it’s true! But that doesn’t mean, wigs are the reason for such excessive headaches. The problem relies on wrong upkeep and wearing of the wigs. If you too are suffering from casual & consistent headaches after wearing heavy & long wigs, then try these tips that will relieve you from such pain. Check it here!


1. Pick The Right Wig!

Don’t take a wig just by its appearance and looks, try it once before finally taking it. Check the comfort level of various wig brands and don’t simply resort to low prized wigs that are not made up by considering your comfort in mind. Choose the comfortable one, and this will ultimately minimize the possibility of headaches. 

2. Pick The Right Size!

The size of wigs literally matters. It becomes the primary cause of headache if the size you have chosen is not the right one. Tight wigs mean small-sized wigs bring unnecessary pressure to the scalp, which ultimately results in a headache. For this, measure your head beforehand by taking a cloth tape. Measure the entire head, starting from the front hairline to where the neck ends. Also, measure it above the ears and the whole circumference to take a right-sized wig.

3. Comfortable Headband! 

If your wig is troubling you then instead of replacing it with a new one, try a headband. Headbands are usually placed to grip the wig. It spread the pressure & weight equally to the whole head and secure the wig. By wearing it, your headache problem can be resolved to a great extent as it distributes the wig pressure equally and doesn’t let it point on the scalp. One more reason behind its benefit is that it is filled up with therapeutic gel which works on relieving pressure spots and distribute the entire weight of the wig on the whole head. So, it makes it comfortable to wear a wig and doesn’t let it become the cause of headache at all. 

4. Avoid Wearing it For a Long Time!

People use the wigs most often and mostly for a more extended time zone, like:

  • Wearing it during sleep and all night
  • Wearing it before getting ready to go outside and wearing it till night
  • After day-long wear, you keep on wearing it in the evening too.

All these cases can lead to headache indeed. Avoid all these mistakes in your daily life and give rest to your head by leaving it for some time. Prolonged wearing indeed leads to headache and unnecessary health problems. 

Instead of this, you can opt for stylish headbands on your weekends or even during the week. It will help you not getting over-dependent upon the wigs and keep your confidence level up. 

5. Pick the Right Wig Clips!

The size and ways to use wig clips are also a matter to consider for not having headaches. Balance up the wig by using it in the desired way. You can use it with wig tape as well. 

Wrap Up!

Make one thing clear; wigs are not the reason for your headache. It’s the wrong ways and your ignorance that leads to such health issues. Though these are minor issues, still you can get over them entirely by following tips mentioned above.

We hope, now you will have a pleasing experience after wearing the wig! Have a good day!