Get the Tips for Care and Styling of Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs!

Usually, after opting for wearing a wig, people face trouble in styling their hair. They have to follow one pattern only that their wig allows. But the good news is, heat-friendly synthetic wigs permit you to style your hair in the way you want anytime. With greater versatility of hairstyles, you can get a unique look every time you get ready for it as it provides you endless styling options. But surely you need to follow some tips to keep the synthetic wigs in proper condition.

So here, we are listing down some styling options and tips to care for the heat-friendly synthetic wigs in the way required. Go through it and implement it right away!

Styling of Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs

Styling Options for Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wigs!

Before opting for any styling option, you would need to prepare your wig first. Don’t ever apply heat styling when you have worn the wig. Style it on a foam head form or a canvas. For a secure and comfortable style, you can use pins & clamps. Use right and professional products on these synthetic wig hairs if you want to keep it for long and don’t wish to spend again heavily on the purchase of new wigs. Here are the styling options you can go with!

Get Wild with Curls

Do you want to keep all eyes on your head? Then by adding curls, you can get it done right away. Heat the curling brush or iron in between 132.2 -137.7°C or 270-280° temperature. Start styling the hair after securing the wig to a head form. Make smaller sections of hair to add curls. Now use heat protector & spray leave-in conditioner on each section.

Now wrap your hair section subtly around the iron and let it get perfect curls right away. Secure the hair with a bobby pin or use a small metal clip to hold & let the curls cool down. Apply the same procedure throughout all the hairs and get a perfect look within some seconds.

Get Classy Straightened Look

The flat ironed sexy look can stand out from the crowd within no time. You will need a straightening iron to add styling to your hair. Divide your hair into varied sections. You need to start from the roots of sections divided into flat hair with an iron. Apply the procedure to whole hair until you achieve the desired results. Let the hair cool down and hang it naturally to add on soothing beauty.

Ultimate Tips to Keep Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair in Good Position!

Use Lukewarm Water- Not so Hot and Not so Cool

As you know, you can add any style to your hair as these synthetic wigs allow you are doing all styling anytime. But after applying the style, when you wish to keep the wigs back to the original position, then you need to use lukewarm water to return it.

Regular Washing is Pre-Requisite

As much regular bathing is necessary for your body, frequent washing is also essential to keep the wigs in the best position. Besides regular washing, you need to consider the number of times it needs washing the wig. If you sweat rigorously or do regular exercise or go in the heat or alike conditions, you would need to wash it for more times than in the opposite situations.

Hair Extensions for Better Experience

Frizzing hair is so usual to experience when you use synthetic short wigs or Raquel Welch wigs. This issue can be resolved by having human hair extensions in the same texture and shade that suits perfectly to your wig. You need to attach it at the nape of the wig and get the problem solved right away.

Don’t Use Conditioner from the Roots

It’s another best tip you must implement if you want to keep your wig in the original condition. Don’t ever use conditioner from the roots. Keep it away while washing the wig. The reason is, conditioner can lead to fiber loss or shedding by unhooking knots in lace front or monofilament.

Use Wide-Tooth Comb Only

Either you are using a straight or curly hairstyle, a wide-tooth comb is required to be used. The reason is, paddle brush can pull the fiber of synthetic wig. At the time when the brush is removed, the wig hair turns to be frizzy and tangled. So its good to use a wide-tooth comb.

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